Best Ways to Improve Your Cell Phone Signal

There are a number of things (some simple, some not so simple) you can try to achieve a better cell phone signal inside your building.

In our last post we looked at the different types of materials that can negatively impact your cell phone signal. Today, we’re bringing you solutions; both paid and free to help you overcome some of these signal challenges!

Over Labor Day Weekend I was one of the record-breaking 880,000 travelers flying through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Looking around while waiting for my web-page to load, I was seeing that every other person was also struggling to connect on their phones, laptops, and mobile devices.

Dropping calls, 15-minute load times to send an email, “failure to load” prompts when attempting to open an article. Frustration was in the air and clearly on my face.

This being the case, I felt it a perfect time to discuss workarounds, hacks, and solutions that will give you the best cellular connection when there is little to none. Let’s dig in.

Simple Fixes:

Slightly More Involved Fixes:

When you’re in a pinch try using each of the simple fixes. When you’re running into a recurring issue we suggest you pursue one of the slightly more involved options that will provide you a more permanent and connected solution. Learn more about cell phone signal boosters for home, vehicle, and office.