SureCall Announces New FlareDB+ to Boost Indoor Signals for Families and Remote Workers

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New Product Announcement!

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SureCall, the performance leading cell phone signal booster manufacturer, announced the new FlareDB+, a new dual-band in-home booster. It specifically boosts indoor signals for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile devices. With confidence, we say this is the best new signal booster on the market today.

The FlareDB+ is the most powerful booster in its class. It provides reliable cellular coverage for 2-4 rooms in a home, small building, or cabin. The new device features the company’s exclusive 2XP technology. This means it delivers twice the signal power to the tower when compared to its closest competitors. The FlareDB+ is an ideal solution for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile customers, who are experiencing slow 4G data speeds, dropped calls, and need to ensure connectivity.

An April 2020 study conducted by Waveform found that 12% of Americans said the cellular connectivity in their home was bad or very bad. This new booster fills a growing need for U.S. workers who find themselves working from home due to COVID-19.

“The FlareDB+ fills an increasing demand in the market as millions of Americans are working from home and depend on reliable cell service to do their jobs,” said Hongtao Zhan, CEO of SureCall. “With SureCall’s 2XP technology, users get the most powerful signal available for a
product in its class and are assured faster data speeds and reduced dropped calls.”

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Key Features

  • Coverage Area – Extends coverage inside any home or small building in 2-4 rooms or up to 3,500 square feet.
  • Multiple users – Supports and boosts signal for multiple users simultaneously.
  • 4G & 5G Phone Compatible – Boosts voice and 4G LTE data signals on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile 5G phones and devices.
  • Small, but powerful – The sleek FlareDB+ design fits in seamlessly with the environment and also boasts a gain of up to 72dB.
  • Simple installation – Easy-to-install booster kit comes with everything needed to get up and running quickly.
  • Distance capability – The FlareDB+ can grab signals as far as 30 miles away.
  • LED light display – Colored lights on the front of the booster indicate whether or not it’s working properly.
  • Versatile nature – Works great not only in homes and small buildings but in rural locations, as well. Especially cabins, vacation homes, hunting camps, and similar places.
  • Promise of performance – FCC-approved as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty.


SureCall’s FlareDB+ is available today for $199 through SureCall’s retail and online partners. The best new signal booster includes lifetime US-based tech support, a 3-year warranty, and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What Comes In The Box?

The device consists of 2 main components: the inside antenna (sometimes called the base or the booster) and the outside antenna (omnidirectional or yagi, whichever you’ve chosen). The package includes these 2 components as well as the following:

  • a 50-ft coaxial cable
  • mounting brackets and connectors (to help with outdoor antenna installation)
  • a power supply

How Do You Install It?

This new Flare device has been designed with a simplified installation process. It comes with a quick-start guide, as does every SureCall signal booster. Reference it during the entire setup process. It’s all very easy.

The FlareDB+ is installed in precisely the same way as the Flare 3.0 and the original Flare. First things first, you need to put your phone in Field Test mode and walk around your home to figure out which corner has the strongest signal. This is the area where you should install the outside antenna. There’s no need to point the omnidirectional antenna in any particular direction. Use the L bracket included in your kit to mount it.

How To Perform a Frequency Band Check

  • iPhone
  1. Dial *3001#12345#* and press Call
  2. Click ‘Serving Cell Info’
  3. Then ‘Freq Band Indicator’ and check band number
  • Android
  1. Download and install the ‘LTE Discovery’ App
  2. Click ‘Signals’ and check the band number

How Do You Install It? – Continued

You really can put the indoor antenna anywhere you want as long as it’s within reach of the 50-ft coaxial cable connecting it to the outdoor antenna. But if you want the boosted signal to cover as much square footage as possible, we recommend placing the inside antenna in a central area of your home. This will allow the signal to spread out evenly throughout your house. If you do this, it’s more likely for the signal to reach it’s full 3,500 square-foot potential.

Now you need to connect the two antennas with the included coax cable. All SureCall signal boosters come with RG6 coax rather than non-standard RG11 coax. This will be a big convenience during installation. Whether or not this will require you to drill holes is circumstantial. If you would prefer to avoid drilling, you’ll need to position the two antennas in such a way that will allow the coax cable to reach both components with a clear path. Sometimes it’s possible, other times it isn’t. It often depends on the layout of your house as well as where the strongest signal outside your home is.

Once everything is in place and connected to each other, plug in the power source and watch the base station light up. You’ve now got the best new signal booster up and running!

Watch this installation instruction video to get a visual of what we’ve just explained. The installation process for all 3 iterations of the Flare, including the new FlareDB+, is the same.

Product Specifications

Part Number:SC-FlareDB
Uplink Frequency Range (MHz):698-716 / 776-787 (Bands: 12, 13)
Downlink Frequency Range (MHz):728-746 / 746-757 (Bands: 12, 13)
Donor/Server Port Impedance:75 Ohm / 50 Ohm
Maximum Gain:72 dB
Noise Figure:7 dB
Supported Standards:CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, EDGE, HSPA+, EVDO 4G LTE and all cellular standards
AC Input:Input: AC 110 – 240 V, 60 Hz ; Output: DC 5V / 3A
Maximum Output Power:1 Watt EIRP
Cable:RG-6 (50 ft)
RF Connector:F-Female
Power Consumption:<12W
Weight:1.81 lb
Dimensions:5.125″ × 7.25″ × 5.625″

What Else Should You Know?

With Wi-Fi calling becoming more common every year, cell phone signal boosters like the FlareDB+ are especially helpful in areas where broadband internet coverage and cell service are both weak. But for customers who can attest to at least one of those issues, the best new signal booster is going to be a life-saver.

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To learn how one customer used a SureCall booster to fix his broadband internet problem, read this.

And just as a reminder (because it comes up all the time), a cell phone signal booster does not create its own cellular signal. It boosts existing signals. If there is 0% signal outside the walls of your home or cabin, a signal booster won’t do anything to help you. There needs to be at least a weak signal at the location that the Flare DB+ (or any other signal booster) can boost.

Purchase The Flare DB+ Here

Other Flare Devices

The FlareDB+ is the third iteration of SureCall’s Flare line. For reference, the original Flare can be found here and the Flare 3.0 can be found here.

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About SureCall

SureCall is the multi-patent, award-winning performance leader for cell phone signal boosters. Since its inception in 2001, SureCall has quickly grown to innovate at the cutting edge of the industry, winning back-to-back Inc. 5000 awards every year since 2016 as well as the 2017 & 2020 CES Innovation Award, among many other accolades.

SureCall combines its patented engineering with top-quality materials and comprehensive lifetime support to provide best-in-class solutions for mobile device users to access dependable cell service in their homes, offices, and vehicles. As a result, industry leaders such as Chrysler, Marriott, NASA, and HP all trust SureCall’s FCC-approved signal boosters for their quality, reliability, and performance.

For more information, stop by our blog or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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