All You Need To Know About Cellphone Boosters

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A Primer on Phone Signal Boosters

Nothing’s quite as irritating as stepping into your home and watching your signal bars just drop like a rock – especially if the signal is really strong just a few feet away.

Many factors can reduce cell phone reception. It can be the construction materials of the home itself, whether the home located in the mountains or in a canyon, distance to the nearest cell tower or a combination of any of those factors. Whatever the reason, it stinks.

Rather than ramble around the house or yard finding a good connection, the ideal solution is a room/office or home cell booster kit.

What Does A Cellphone Signal Booster Do?

What does a signal booster do?

A cell phone signal booster is similar to the cellular broadcast towers used for broadcasting by cellular network providers, but are much smaller, usually intended for use in one building.

Like sound amplifiers which increase the volume of input audio signals, cellphone signal boosters “listen” for the frequencies of signals from cell towers, and amplify these signals to allow nearby cellphone users to get a better cell signal. The higher the decibel rating, or dB rating, that a cellphone booster has, the greater the area of coverage the booster provides.

Modern cellular signal boosters rebroadcast cellular signals within the structure in which they’re located. They acquire the strongest cellular signal in an area using their external antenna, then amplify the signal and repeat it in the interior.

Are Signal Boosters Legal?

Cell Phone Signal Boosters are Legal

On February 20, 2013, the FCC produced a ruling regarding the legality of signal boosters. In their consumer guide, they state:

At this time, the FCC likely will not pursue enforcement against current or prospective signal booster users unless it involves an instance of unresolved interference.

If a wireless licensee or the FCC asks you to turn off your signal booster because it is causing interference to a wireless network, however, you must turn off your booster and leave it off until the interference problem can be resolved.

The rest of the ruling made it clear that signal booster is legal and important part of our nation’s wireless infrastructure.

Signal boosters represent a cost-effective means of improving our nation’s wireless infrastructure…Robust signal boosters can bridge these gaps and extend coverage at the fringe of service areas. Signal boosters are particularly useful in rural and difficult-to-serve indoor environments, such as office buildings and hospitals. Signal boosters can also improve public safety communications by enabling the public to connect to 911 in areas where wireless coverage is deficient or where an adequate communications signal is blocked or shielded.

In addition, all major carriers in the U.S. gave consent on paper, and in public, to signal boosters.

Are Signal Boosters Dangerous?

Safe to Use Cell Phone Boosters

On the contrary! Cell phone boosters do exactly the opposite: they keep the harmful radiation away from the user.

When a cellphone has a weak signal from the cell tower, it increases the power of its internal radio to try and maintain a stable connection. This increases the radiation output from the cellphone.

With a signal booster, power is reduced from the cell phone’s antenna, since it’s able to connect to the booster which improves the signal strength.

SureCall Boosters

All SureCall Cell Phone Signal Boosters

SureCall has been heavily involved in the whole booster statement by the FCC, and has been working with the agency and carriers for years on this issue.

SureCall understands every detail of the new ruling. Because we have been an innovative force in the industry, we are very well equipped and positioned to take advantage of all the forthcoming changes.

The result? High-quality signal boosters that comply with federal standards.

For homes, homes office and small commercial office buildings, our adjustable 72 dB Fusion5X 2.0 kits will enhance voice, text and 4G LTE data cell phone signals for many devices at once. All kits come with a cell booster, interior and exterior antennas, a coax cable, power supply, and mounting kit, all for assuring reliable cell phone coverage.

Our 72 dB Fusion4Home kit provides coverage up to 4,000 square ft. Our 72 dB Force 5 2.0 kit ensures coverage for very large buildings and commercial spaces and can be scaled to cover buildings up to 300,000 square ft with many users and devices.

SureCall provides 4G and LTE boosters that work with the networks of every major U.S. carrier: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Along with improving voice call quality, they are also proven to double download speed in areas without enhanced cell coverage.

Aside from this, SureCall signal boosters are equipped with a triple safeguard against interference. Besides independent dials for each band, the boosters are equipped with:

  • Oscillation detection
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) which automatically adjusts the frequencies against providing too much power
  • Auto shutdown, which powers down the booster in extreme cell signal environments

Each of which will prevent the system from causing harmful interference that violates the stipulations in the federal ruling.

No matter the size of the area needing reception, SureCall signal boosters can be easily set up. With patented technology, an industry-leading 3-year warranty, you can rely on SureCall boosters to boost your cellphone reception at home or at the office.


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