All Work And No Play In The Summer

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Access to cell phone signal is becoming more of a necessity when work responsibilities won’t let you ‘off-the-grid’. SureCall’s vehicle cell signal boosters enable more Americans to take advantage of their paid time off by helping them maintain a cellular signal while traveling. 

Care-Free Kid Summer Days vs. Hectic, Cell Phone Signal Obsessed and Connectivity-Driven Adult Summer Days

As a kid, I remember waiting with bated breath for the best month of the whole year…June! Where I grew up, June signified the start of the summer season and the freedom that came with the unshackling of my classroom chains. Long days, cookouts, water fights and pool parties defined my summer season as a child. Unfortunately, childhood only lasts for a moment. Summers now take on a different schedule: wake up earlier to take the kid to daycare/ camp, rush to work, complain to my coworkers about how hot it is outside, leave work, pick up the kid along with 20 billion other exhausted parents and head home where, hopefully, I can get to sleep before the sun goes down at 10pm. Not to mention, we feel we have to have access to a reliable cell signal at all times.

Summer Vacation

Alas, there is a possible respite to this humdrum, and it is called vacation! I remember as a family taking time during the summer months to enjoy each other’s company in a fun, out of the ordinary setting. Camp sites, amusement parks, beaches and fishing holes get more attention during the summer season than any other time of year. However, there is an epidemic crippling our nation and the work force specifically. Americans are not taking vacations like they used to.

In the 1970’s, most Americans took a week-long vacation every year. That pastime has all but disappeared in recent years. In fact, according to the Huffington Post, 40 percent of American workers do not use all of their paid time off. Employees state two main reasons for this apprehension (, almost fear) of taking time off: workers are afraid of the pile of work they will come back to, and they are afraid of being seen as “replaceable”. In fact, one of my brothers told me he needed a cellular mobile booster for his camping trip because he could not afford to be inaccessible. I of course suggested the Fusion2Go in-vehicle cell signal booster so he could have 4G accessibility wherever his plans took him and it has worked out perfectly for him.


Take some time to unplug from your cell phone signal this summer. Unfortunately, the vacations very thing that workers are avoiding could potentially make them even more productive and ultimately live longer. In fact, not only are workers refreshed and more productive when they return from vacation, but taking fewer vacations can actually increase their risk of heart disease. Summer is a time for family, fun and freedom, so decide to break the chains that hold you at your desk this year. Take some time to decompress. Take some time to enjoy your family. Take some time for YOU. Your employer will be better for it. Take a vacation, and take SureCall along for the ride so you can stay somewhat connected during your travels.

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