A Strong Cell Phone Signal Helps With “Are We There Yet?”

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Family trips are more enjoyable and safer when your cell signal travels with you.

“No more screen time!” I would have never expected that those words would have such a huge impact on my son’s life.  My wife and I only have one child together.  For the vast majority of his 9 years of life, he has been a joy to parent mainly because he has not needed much parenting.  He loves structure and having a schedule, which are things he gets from me.  He is also highly compassionate and funny, which he gets from my wife.  However, he has recently been testing our ability to parent by using the infamous childhood “N” word… “No!”

Since he is an only child and the only grandchild on my wife’s side, the kid is showered with love and material possessions.  His favorite possession is the iPad.  He loves watching YouTube every morning with breakfast and more YouTube while his mother and I are getting caught up with “This Is Us” during dinner.  So, of course, as his punishment for disobeying us, we have confiscated the iPad as well as any screen time he would have with phones or TV for the week.  Booyah!  That will teach you not to tell us “No” again!  For a while at least (I hope).

Kids have certainly embraced the accessibility we have to multimedia through wireless devices.  Growing up, as I’m sure many of you can relate, MY punishment for disobedience was not being able to go outside and play.  I couldn’t get my kid to go outside and play even if I used a shoe horn AND a crowbar!  My son would be content to just watch movies or play games on the iPad.  I have noticed that parents are bringing their tablets with them to restaurants, grocery stores and department stores as well, so I guess I am in good company.

It makes you think, “Am I a bad parent?”  The answer to that question is of course, “No.”  Convenience and cellular connectivity have brought us all to this place and only time will tell what impact it has had on our children.

What I do know is that it is much easier to have our kids watch a few episodes of Dora the Explorer on the way to Grandma’s house than it is to endure that question that never ends, “Are we there yet?”

In addition to helping parents avoid what  may be the most annoying question of all time, travel is also safer with a moving cell phone signal. For those long trips, make sure you stay connected by purchasing a mobile signal booster like the SureCall Fusion2Go.  It will keep that 4G data streaming so your kids won’t be screaming.

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