7 Ways to Extend Phone Battery Life

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With how much we use our phones in everyday life, being without them can make us feel anxious and insecure, especially if there is something important you need your phone for! So, one of the worst things that can happen at such a time is having your battery die on you. This is why extending your battery life, both short and long term, is a vital aspect of owning a phone. However, how can you go about doing this? Well, to help you, we have prepared a guide on the seven ways to extend phone battery life!

Use the battery saver option

If you want to extend phone battery life and be reachable at all times, then a pretty good way to do that is to use your phone’s battery saver option. Yes, it is a pretty basic way of doing it. And it might seem like an obvious choice. But many people avoid it for fear of lowering their phone’s performance. However, you can still keep it on most of the time and turn the option off if you notice an app suffering from its use. Typically, however, it is unlikely that you will experience issues due to using battery saving.

Make your screen dimmer

Keeping your phone’s screen dim is another excellent way to prolong phone battery life. Not to mention, most of the time, you do not need to have your brightness boosted to full. It can, in fact, even be harmful to you if you do it. Starting at such a bright screen in the dark, for example, can cause your eyes to strain unnecessarily. The only time when a bright screen is an absolute necessity is when going outside during an exceptionally bright summer day. But it is always possible to just up the brightness while you are out there.

Phone using dark mode
Using dark mode on your phone is an excellent way to extend phone battery life, too!

Manage your apps

One of the largest draws on your battery comes from apps that run in the background. Various apps do this, yet you are probably not using them. You can at least partially deal with this problem by going through your settings. You should be able to locate background usage settings from among your app power or battery settings. Once there, you can tell your phone to entirely shut down such background apps or turn them to sleep mode while they are not in use. This way, you can limit the draw on your battery and extend the lifespan of old phones, too! This is because they will have fewer apps vying for their limited resources. This is an excellent choice if you want to donate or recycle old office equipment that includes phones. You will give new life to old equipment instead of tossing it to a landfill where it would be of no use to anyone.

Keep your phone cool

It would be best if you tried to avoid letting your phone get overheated. This can happen quickly during summer when leaving your phone exposed to the sun can make it red-hot. This speeds up the drain on your phone’s battery and can even cause long-term damage to its storage capacity. Of course, dampness and extreme cold can also cause similar issues. However, compared to heat, the damage cold can cause is minor. And the temperature needs to be extremely low for such damage to occur in the first place. So, it is better to keep your phone near a cold source than to let it remain in sweltering conditions.

Empty phone
If your battery is overheated and running out quickly, try to avoid letting it run out entirely since that hurts its longevity.

Turn off Hey Google and Voice Match

These options both use voice recognition software to allow easy handling of your phone, much like some other top smart-home devices. However, they are harmful to your efforts to extend phone battery life. Since they are made to react at any moment, they are constantly active in the background. They monitor the data from your microphone non-stop, which means they never stop being a power drain. If you want your battery to last, it is better to forgo the speed and utility and use traditional data input methods instead.

Make use of airplane mode

If you live in an area with a weak signal and internet connection, then you have two choices. You can invest in a signal booster or make judicious use of airplane mode. Why? Well, it is because one of the things that drain your battery the quickest is when your phone is struggling to find a good connection. If there is a problem with the local network, it will continue to search aimlessly and use up your battery much faster than usual. On the other hand, Airplane mode solves this issue by cutting off your phone’s search for a network completely. Of course, this comes with the obvious downside of not being able to use some features until you turn the mode off.

Airplane mode
Remember not to use airplane mode if you are waiting for an important message or call!

Reduce your notifications

For apps to push notifications up to you, they need to pull on your phone’s resources. The more apps you use that have notifications active, and the more frequently they ping you, the more they impact your battery life. This is especially the case for messaging apps! They constantly check for updates in the background of your phone. Not only are they using up your battery, but they might also adversely impact your internet connection. Overall, it is always better to turn off notifications for unimportant apps completely. And then, reduce the frequency at which other apps are allowed to push notifications. If you set them to only check every half an hour or every hour, it would go a long way to prolong phone battery life.

Final advice

Being familiar with the seven ways to extend phone battery life, your phone’s short-term and long-term lifespan will be much improved! However, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to pay attention and charge it on time.

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