Techstination: Flare Interview, The Newest Innovation From SureCall

So who doesn’t need better connections? Mobile phones sure do. Depending on where you live, chances are weak mobile phone signals not only are disruptive, they can drain your batteries faster too. Some of the latest solutions to boost those signals can help…Read more and listen to the full interview on

Public Safety Band Bi-Directional Amplifiers for Mission Critical Applications

Understanding the Differences Between Cellular Amplifiers and Public Safety Band Amplifiers. All bi-directional amplifiers (BDA) boost a signal but there are major differences between cellular and Public Safety BDAs. BDAs that enhance cell phone signals are more commonly known as cellular signal boosters. Public Safety BDAs strengthen signals to two-way radios for first responders. There…

Cell Signal In The Air: How It Works

With airlines loosening up restrictions on cell phones what are the possibilities for cell signals in flight? The flight from Malaysia Airlines #370 that went missing back on March 8, 2014 has raised questions about how cell phones work on airplanes and whether there should be circumstances when cell phones should be able to do so….

What’s new at CES 2017. The Next Big Things.

Now that CES 2017 is here, we’d like to fill you in on a few of the announcements that are taking place for this year’s next big thing: Nvidia has updated its Android-powered Shield TV box, known as “The Shield” with the following new features: Full 4K HDR capability Due to its 2016 firmware update…

Network World: SureCall Flare One of the Hottest Products From CES 2017

Get your Gadget On! It’s time once again for the International CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show. Thousands of people will flock to Las Vegas to see the latest gizmos, gadgets, TVs, computers, smartphones, robots and other devices meant to make our lives easier… Continue reading on