Ways to Boost Cell Phone Signal Strength for Free

[Infographic] Check out the latest infographic to see 10 free tricks you can use to get a better signal next time you’re struggling to get cell reception!

Free Ways to Improve Your Cell Phone Signal

Dropping calls, undeliverable texts, never-ending buffers? There are a few free tricks that can help you access a better cellular signal next time you’ve got a weak cellular signal.

  1. Get to a Window – The walls of a building are notorious radio frequency (RF) signal blockers. Try standing by a window or opening the window to eliminate the amount of obstacles between you and the nearest cell tower.
  2. Get Some Space – Your device is constantly competing with other devices for cellular signals. In crowded spaces, it’s best to create some distance between you and those other cellular users.
  3. Increase Elevation – Often, the lower your elevation the more signal blockers surround you. Getting to a higher floor or getting to the top of a nearby hill will give you a clearer line of sight to the cell towers nearby.
  4. Charge Your Device – Your device needs power to communicate with a cellular tower. Charge your phone to give it more power to reach nearby cell towers.
  5. Close Unused Applications – Closing unused apps and pages allows your device to devote all performance to the action of connecting your call, delivering your text, or loading the data at-hand.
  6. Reboot Your Cell Signal – Rebooting your cell signal is as simple as turning Airplane Mode on for 5-seconds and then turning it off. After rebooting, your device will search for cell towers that emit a stronger signal.
  7. Wi-Fi Calling – If connected to the Internet use FaceTime Audio, Skype, Hangouts, or enable Wi-Fi calling on your phone to call using a Wi-Fi signal, rather than cellular.
  8. Locate a Nearby Tower – Find the nearest cell tower with websites like Antenna Search, apps like OpenSignal, or Field Test Mode and try to get a better line of sight or closer in distance with those towers.
  9. Mind the Antenna – Many cellular devices now store the antenna inside of the device. Hold your phone upright with minimal touching of the sides of the device.
  10. Borrow a Device – If all else fails, there’s the old fashioned tab on the shoulder trick. Someone may have a stronger signal with a different carrier and could lend you their device in a pinch.
  11. BONUS – If you frequently struggle with cell reception in your home, office or car, you might consider a cell phone signal booster. This is a paid solution that uses your the signal outside of your home, office, or car to greatly improve the signal inside of the space.