Ways to Boost Cell Phone Signal Strength for Free

[Infographic] Check out the latest infographic to see 10 free tricks you can use to get a better signal next time you’re struggling to get cell reception!

10 Free Hacks to Improve Your Cellular Signal (Infographic)

Free Ways to Improve Your Cell Phone Signal

Dropping calls, undeliverable texts, never-ending buffers? There are a few free tricks that can help you access a better cellular signal next time you’ve got a weak cellular signal.

  1. Get to a Window – The walls of a building are notorious radio frequency (RF) signal blockers. Try standing by a window or opening the window to eliminate the amount of obstacles between you and the nearest cell tower.
  2. Get Some Space – Your device is constantly competing with other devices for cellular signals. In crowded spaces, it’s best to create some distance between you and those other cellular users.
  3. Increase Elevation – Often, the lower your elevation the more signal blockers surround you. Getting to a higher floor or getting to the top of a nearby hill will give you a clearer line of sight to the cell towers nearby.
  4. Charge Your Device – Your device needs power to communicate with a cellular tower. Charge your phone to give it more power to reach nearby cell towers.
  5. Close Unused Applications – Closing unused apps and pages allows your device to devote all performance to the action of connecting your call, delivering your text, or loading the data at-hand.
  6. Reboot Your Cell Signal – Rebooting your cell signal is as simple as turning Airplane Mode on for 5-seconds and then turning it off. After rebooting, your device will search for cell towers that emit a stronger signal.
  7. Wi-Fi Calling – If connected to the Internet use FaceTime Audio, Skype, Hangouts, or enable Wi-Fi calling on your phone to call using a Wi-Fi signal, rather than cellular.
  8. Locate a Nearby Tower – Find the nearest cell tower with websites like Antenna Search, apps like OpenSignal, or Field Test Mode and try to get a better line of sight or closer in distance with those towers.
  9. Mind the Antenna – Many cellular devices now store the antenna inside of the device. Hold your phone upright with minimal touching of the sides of the device.
  10. Borrow a Device – If all else fails, there’s the old fashioned tab on the shoulder trick. Someone may have a stronger signal with a different carrier and could lend you their device in a pinch.
  11. BONUS – If you frequently struggle with cell reception in your home, office or car, you might consider a cell phone signal booster. This is a paid solution that uses your the signal outside of your home, office, or car to greatly improve the signal inside of the space.




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