Fusion2Go Max Vehicle Signal Booster Named as CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree

SureCall’s Fusion2Go Max signal booster for vehicles wins big ahead of the CES 2020 with patented ERT technology Fremont, California – November 7, 2019 – SureCall, the performance leader in cell phone signal booster solutions, today announced that the Fusion2Go Max is a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree in the “Mobile Devices & Accessories” category….

SureCall October 2019 Press Corner

Fusion2Go Max Gains Traction in the Market SureCall’s award-winning Fusion2Go Max continues to make big waves as more reviews and accolades come pouring in. You won’t want to miss Dr. Frank’s appearances on National TV with the Fusion2Go Max as he walks through the benefits of having a Fusion2Go Max signal booster on the road….

The Future of In-Building Connectivity

You probably don’t need research statistics to know that people are more connected through their cellular devices than ever. What was once a simple tool to communicate over long distances has morphed into a personal butler of sorts that handles everything from your social life to your schedule, your encyclopedia, calculator, entertainment, and much more….

5G vs 4G Differences: 2019 Guide on 5G mmWave Technology

A 2019 Research Study performed by SureCall found that 82% of respondents had heard of 5G cell phone signal technology, a tremendous 45% increase from the previous year’s 2018 Study. While the buzz around 5G is certainly well-deserved, many folks are still in the dark as to what a 5G world will look like. You…

SureCall Announces Innovative 5G mmWave Signal Booster Platform to Be Featured at MWC19 Los Angeles

New 5G mmWave cell phone signal booster platform will enable 5G amplification for in-building solutions Los Angeles, California – October 17, 2019 – SureCall, the performance leader in cell signal booster solutions, today announced its booster platform of scalable 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) signal boosters and antenna kitting options. SureCall’s comprehensive booster platform offers the…

Do Cell Signal Boosters Really Work? (10 Questions Answered)

Quick Summary of How Do Cell Signal Boosters Work? (10 Questions Answered) How Do Cell Signal Boosters Work Are Cell Signal Boosters Legal? Do Cell Signal Boosters Work On My Network Carrier? What Is A Single-Carrier Amplifier? Does A Cell Signal Booster Need Internet To Work? How Do Cell Signal Boosters Work Outside? How Do…

How to Boost your Cell Phone Reception in Remote Areas

Finding or sustaining strong cell phone signals in rural areas can be difficult. Those who choose to live life off the beaten path understand all too well the symptoms of weak cellular connectivity–dropped calls, slow data speeds, and/or less than 2 bars of signal strength. Much of this has to do with the cellular carriers…

How to Make the Best Cell Phone Signal Booster Choice for Your Home

Making the best cell phone signal booster choice for your home can be a painless process given the right preparation. Shoppers too often make the mistake of purchasing the most affordable booster without first identifying the performance requirements for an effective booster deployment in their specific location. As a result, they often end up with…

Martial Arts Academy Solves Cell Signal Issues with Signal Booster

Hero Martial Arts Academy Outfits their 6,500 Square Feet School for Cellular Connectivity The students and staff at Hero Martial Arts Academy are no strangers to pushing through difficult obstacles. With multiple training halls that allow for a variety of martial disciplines to be taught amongst eager learners of all ages, the academy imparts on…

SureCall Announces the N-Range 2.0 Signal Booster for Vehicles

SureCall unveils an upgraded cell phone cradle with built-in antenna for the N-Range 2.0 model, which features the patented Extended Range Technology™️ Fremont, California – September 26, 2019 – SureCall, the performance leader in cell signal booster solutions, today announced the next development in the award-winning car cell phone signal booster line: the N-Range 2.0….