Canadian Reviewer: Make Sure Your Calls Go Through With SureCall’s EZ Call

Dropped calls inevitably happen. This new cell phone signal booster from SureCall hopes to remedy that for you. Called EZ Call, the easy-to-setup booster is meant to take out the hassle of having your calls drop—no matter what North American wireless carrier you’re on. It’s built for home or small office use, it doesn’t need an…

Wifi Hifi: SureCall Debuts New EZ Call Cell Phone Signal Booster

Fremont, CA-based SureCall has introduced its new EZ Call cell phone signal booster, which can help users on all major North American wireless carrier networks avoid dropped calls. The booster is easy to set up, and is designed for use in both homes and small offices. Interestingly, it does not require the installation of an…

Techstination: Flare Interview, The Newest Innovation From SureCall

So who doesn’t need better connections? Mobile phones sure do. Depending on where you live, chances are weak mobile phone signals not only are disruptive, they can drain your batteries faster too. Some of the latest solutions to boost those signals can help…Read more and listen to the full interview on

Case Study: SureCall Solves NASA’s In-Building Signal Issues

We Can Put a Man on the Moon, But We Can’t Get Good Cell Reception. Commercial Integrator: When it comes to overcoming technological challenges, the engineers at NASA are, by definition, galaxy-class problem solvers. And when it comes to radio frequency and wireless communications, it’s a sure bet that they hold every distance record to…

Network World: SureCall Flare One of the Hottest Products From CES 2017

Get your Gadget On! It’s time once again for the International CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show. Thousands of people will flock to Las Vegas to see the latest gizmos, gadgets, TVs, computers, smartphones, robots and other devices meant to make our lives easier… Continue reading on